About Us

A statistical data analyst and IT Professional with a wide range of experience in  several projects such as customer satisfaction, markerting research analyst, statistic consultant for any Undergraduated, Bachelor’s even Post Graduated’s Degree, field surveyor, and Lab Assistant . Able to work on own initiative , as part of a team, and creative. Good leadership skills involving managing, developing and motivating teams to achieve the objectives. Have good level of computer literacy and problem solving skill. Fluent in English and Arabic both oral and written. Analytical and conceptual thingking. Good communication and interpersonal skills. Creative, initiative, strong sense of responsibility , good sense of humor and highly motivated to work anywhere and everywhere.

Facilities & Services :
 Hightech Networked PC
 Local Area Network
 Multimedia
 Internet Access
 Mail Server
 File Server
 Collaboration Server
 Statistical Software
 Student Access
 Mail Service
 File Storage and Exchange
 Learning Management System
 Basic Computing Service
 Network Management & Maintenance
 IT Research and Development
 Statistic Learning
 Statistical Software Service



  1. handikas said,

    6 January 2010 at 15:35

    Salam kenal,

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