SAS Software


Powerful 4GL with support for SQL

* Ability to read data in virtually any format, from virtually any kind of file.
* Robust macro language reduces coding for common tasks.
* Runs interactively or in batch mode.
* PC version includes guided interface (optional in server versions)

Data analysis

* Examine data for relationships using a broad range of statistical methods, including:
o Analysis of variance.
o Regression.
o Categorical data analysis.
o Multivariate analysis.
o Survival analysis.
o Psychometric analysis.
o Cluster analysis.
o Nonparametric analysis.
o Survey data analysis.
o Compare data against common distributions.
o Imputation for missing values.
o Study planning.
* Add drill-down capabilities, even to GIF images, so users can visually explore analyses.

Data visualization, presentation and delivery

* Built-in map data sets (down to level of US states and counties).
* Broad range of charts and plots:
o Scatter, line, area, bubble, multiple axis, overlay.
o Bar, pie, donut, star, block.
o Customized colors, line styles, symbols.
o 2-D and 3-D plots with tilting and rotation.
* Generate static or dynamic interactive (Java or ActiveX) charts and graphs with drill-down capabilities.
* Link graphs to Web pages.
* Embed interactive graphics in Web pages or Microsoft documents.
* Support for virtually all common printers and plotters.

System Requirements
Client environment

* Windows (x86-32): Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista*

Server environment

* AIX: Release Version 5.3 and Version 6.1 on POWER architectures
* HP-UX PA-RISC: HP-UX 11iv2 (11.23), 11iv3 (11.31)
* HP-UX Itanium: HP-UX 11iv2 (11.23), 11iv3 (11.31)
* Linux for x86 (x86-32): RHEL 4 and 5, SuSE SLES 9 and 10
* Linux for x64 (EM64T/AMD64): RHEL 4 and 5, SuSE SLES 9 and 10
* Microsoft Windows (x86-32): Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista*
* Microsoft Windows on x64 (EM64T/AMD64): Windows XP Professional for x64, Windows Vista* for x64, Windows Server 2003 for x64
* Microsoft Windows (on Itanium): Windows Server 2003
* Solaris on SPARC: Version 9, 10
* Solaris on x64: Version 10
* OpenVMS for HP Integrity Servers (Itanium): 8.3
* z/OS: V1R7, V1R8, V1R9 and higher

download (copy link di bawah):


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  1. andhikaputra said,

    11 September 2011 at 21:11

    tolong gan, ada ga link download yang lain? linkm diatas lg maintenance

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